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Rig 25

Doyon Drilling Rig 25Rig 25 is a highly mobile drilling rig capable of working efficiently in extreme arctic conditions. It contains state of art equipment that is highlighted by a fully automated driller’s cabin and modern AC technology.

It is a fully integrated, multiple module unit that can drill on ten foot well spacing. The rig layout consists of six individual modules, resulting in lightweight components that can be efficiently moved from pad to pad while maintaining heat in each module. The substructure module consists of the mast, rig floor equipment, BOP stack, and choke manifold. The pipeshed module houses the pipeskate unit, a drill pipe bucking machine, along with storage tubs for holding drill pipe during rig moves. The casing shed module houses pipe racks for casing storage and a pipe transfer system used for moving tubulars to the pipeshed. The mud pit module uses an innovative circular pit design that houses 1,250 barrels of mud tankage. This module also contains centrifugal pumps, an automated valve system, and solids control equipment. The mud pump module contains two NOV 12P-160 triplex mud pumps, injection pump, 150 HP boiler, closed loop heat exchanger, and parts storage. The power module consists of three Caterpillar 3516C coupled to Kato generators, air compressors, highline transformer and external radiators.

Rig 25 is trailerized, and uses oilfield trucks for moving. This configuration minimizes module weights and allows for faster moving speeds over long distances. Each module is equipped with a hydraulic walking system used for short distance well to well moves.

The boot strap mast hoisting capacity is 750,000 lbs. with a twelve-line hook up, and the cantilevered substructure is capable of a combined load of 500,000 lbs. setback and 750,000 lbs. rotary.

Mast – boot strap, 142’ clear x 24 spread, 750k, racking capacity 20,000’ of 4”
Sub – cantilevered, combined loads 500k setback, 750k rotary
Ground level to rig floor – 40’
Drawworks – National Oilwell ADS-10D, 1800 HP, 30” drum fitted is w/1 3/8” Lebus grooving.
Block – short profile, becket style, top drive integrated, rated at 350 tons
Drill Line Power Spooler – with 1 3/8” drilling line
Top Drive – NOV TDS-11SA 800 HP, rated at 5 0 T
Intermittent – 55,000 foot pounds
Continuous – 25 rpm to 125 rpm – 37,500 foot pounds
150 rpm – 29,500 foot pounds
175 rpm- 24,500 foot pounds
200 rpm- 21,000 foot pounds
225 rpm- 18,000 foot pounds
Rotary Table – NOV, RST 37 ½” opening, rated at 750 tons static, hydraulic driven
Power Slips – NOV PS21 hydraulic power slip
Drillers Cabin – NOV Amphion System, touch screen controls, fully enclosed
Choke Manifold – 3 1/8” x 5000 psi, 3 1/16” x 10,000 psi, remote operated hydraulic choke
Manual Tongs – 2 ea. with multiple jaws 3 ½” to 17 ½”
Iron Roughneck – NOV ST80 for 37-1/2″ table
Subfloor Catheads – 2 ea. hydraulic for tong make-up and break-out
Floor Winches – 2 ea. 12k, hydraulic w/remote control
Personnel Winch – 1 ea, certified, w/remote control
Floor Access – beaver slide
Casing Stabbing Board – 1 ea.


Primary Power – 3 ea. – Caterpillar 3516C, coupled to Kato 2500 kVA, 0.7 pf , total available constant horsepower at 1200 rpm / 60 Hz is 6,450 bhp, corresponding to a total kW of 4.8 mW.
Stand-By Power – Cat C27, rated at 635 kW
Hi -Line Power – 1 ea.- 13.8 kV to 600 volt step- down transformer , 5000 kVA


Mud Pumps – 2 ea.- NOV 12P-160 triplexes, rated at 1600 hp input.

  • 6 inch – 4665 psi maximum, 529 gpm / 12.6 bpm @ 120 strokes per minute

Testing Pump – 1 ea.- NOV JWS-340 triplex, fitted with 3” plungers, 400 hp, AC motor with hot oil pumping capabilities


Mud Pit Volumes – 1000 bbls active/ 250 bbls storage
Shakers – 3ea. – Derrick, DP 628 HG
Vacuum Degasser – 1 ea. – Burgess, model 1000 vacuum degasser
Atmospheric Gas Buster – 1 ea.
Shearing Hoppers – 2 ea. Vortex Aqua-shear hoppers
Misc. Equipment

  • 1 ea.- Vortex mix-mate caustic mixer w/ safety shower
  • 3 ea.- Micro motion meters
  • Vacuum and power wash system for general clean up
  • 2 each – Vortex Bulk Bag mixing hoppers
  • Mud Lab for Mud Engineer
  • 2 ea. Water meters for mud pits
  • 3” reverse circulating line from rig floor to mud pits

BOP / Spools

BOP Equipment

  • 1 ea. – Shaffer annular BOP,13 5/8” x 5000 psi, model SST T20, flanged, NACE trim
  • 2 ea. – Shaffer, single gate, 13 5/8” x 5000 psi, model LXT , posi-lock, flange x flange, NACE trim
  • 1 ea.- Shaffer, double gate, 13 5/8” x 5000 psi, model LXT, posi-lock, stud x stud, NACE trim
  • 2 ea.- 6 ton, hydraulic winches are cellar mounted for additional lifting
  • 1 each – Hydraulic BOP Handling System
  • 2 each – Hydraulic Work Platforms
  • 1 each – Fire Proof Choke and Kill Line
  • 1 ea. – cellar mounted, squeeze / well kill, ¼ turn, 5m ball valve manifold with hoses to reach wellhead in cellar

BOP Closing Unit – 1 ea. 7 station, 3000 psi, accumulator unit, remote located in driller cabin,
1 set – Fire Proof Accumulator Hydraulic Hoses to BOP

BOP Test Pump – 10,000 psi, variable triplex pump with dedicated test fluid tank and digital recorder
BOP Test Stump – with 13 5/8” flange
BOP Ram Storage Rack– in BOP level

Auxiliary Equipment


  • 2 ea. – Sullair , 75 hp , heavy duty screw compressors
  • 1 ea.- Sullair, 30 hp , heavy duty screw compressor
  • 1 ea. – swing tower regenerative desiccant air dryer
  • 4 ea. – Air receiver tanks, ASME rated to 150 psi, 36″ x 92″


  • 1 ea. – 150 HP, closed loop, saturated steam boiler complete with dual float controls, dual water pumps, and dual fuel (methane and diesel) burner, hot oil capable with plate exchanger.
  • 1 ea.- water softener w/upstream sand filter
  • 1 ea.- mobile, indirect fired air heater for general use
  • Indirect fired air heaters will provide heat to individual complexes with distribution plenums.


  • 1 ea.- raw water tank 550 bbls
  • 2 ea. – 3″ x 4″ x 30 hp centrifugal pumps for water system circulation


  • 1 ea. – double walled, normal diesel storage tank in pipe, casing, pits, pump and power complexes
  • 1 ea.- double walled, ULSD storage tank in sub, pipe, casing, pits, pump and power complexes
  • 1 ea.- dedicated fuel tank in individual complex modules w/ fuel pumps
  • 1 ea. – Winslow primary diesel fuel filter for master tank


  • 1 ea. – Master rig hydraulic power unit, open- center, providing power to the Iron Roughneck, make / brake catheads, rotary table, PS 21, tuggers, walkers and other devices. The pipe skate and individual complex moving systems have separate hydraulic support equipment.

Pipe Handling System

  • 1 ea. – Forum hydraulic pipe handling system with skate to handle drill pipe and casing.
  • 1 ea.- CLE8625DPXHT Superior tubular bucking unit on a power catwalk.
  • 1 ea- Overhead electric chain fall for handling tools and tubulars