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Drilling Operations

Drilling Operations DDI rigs designed for the Alaska North Slope environment are fully enclosed and larger than typical land rigs. Our Arctic-designed rigs can operate about five months longer on Alaska’s North Slope than those designed for milder climates. » Learn More » Learn More

Health, Safety, Enviro

Health, Safety, Enviro The health and safety of our fellow employees is at the top of our list at Doyon Drilling. Our employees are our most important assets – without their efforts we cannot succeed as a company. » Learn More » Learn More

Our Rigs

Our Rigs Our eight advanced rigs operate on the North Slope of Alaska and are designed to drill oil wells in northern Alaska conditions. Rig 14, Rig 15, Rig 16, Rig 19, Rig 25, Rig 141, Rig 142, Arctic Fox » Learn More » Learn More


Training Doyon Drilling’s in-house training department provides adaptable methods and material to meet the ever-changing industry requirements. DDI’s training staff has over 30 years of arctic oilfield operation experience. » Learn More » Learn More